About our philosophy

We are witnessing an accelerated divergence of customer and vendor interests, which means that vendor sales departments are now too often focused on the wrong activities and objectives. Short term thinking continues to drive a wedge between sales teams and the customers that they are meant to be serving. The way customers perceive value is changing and sales people will have to rise to the challenge of selling a full-lifetime service in a in new buying journey rather than just selling a product and moving on.

Sophisticated and well-educated customers are no longer interested in the traditional sales models as markets continue to evolve and mature across the majority of the global technology industry. Yes, it’s logical to keep doing what once made your company successful, but let’s be clear: Sales Transformation is not an optional ‘nice-to-have’ – it’s a ‘catch-up’ play. Doing nothing – that is, making no changes to your current sales execution strategy – is a sure fire path to obscurity. Vendors must become more agile, lean, adaptive and customer-centric if they are to survive and thrive into the future. Let Transform Sales International show you how!

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