Our Services

Transform Sales International offers are range of services spanning specialist consultancy, sales coaching & mentoring, and transformational change programs.

Depending on the current state of your business, we can assist you with the following:

  1. Sales Audit – to attain high performance tomorrow, you must first understand where you are today. Sales Audit provides a clear analysis of current effectiveness.
  2. Sales Strategy – driving optimal sales results whilst adapting to increasing complexity and change.
  3. Sales Transformation – design and implementation of effective change programs to ensure sustainability and industry best practices.
  4. Training & Skills Update – buyer behaviour is changing rapidly and sales people must quickly adapt and re-skill.
  5. Sales Coaching & Mentoring – sales personnel will require a greater degree of coaching & mentoring as the role of the B2B sales person rapidly evolves.

It’s now clear that the big challenge for vendors is how to bridge the chasm that exists between the “new buying journey” and the old B2B sales models. Since John H Patterson first developed the B2B sales models in 1884, the sales function is no longer keeping pace with the extraordinary changes that are now occurring within modern globalised economies.

If you are wondering why your sales conversion rates are low, and your top-line revenues are in decline, then you need to engage Transform Sales International.