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Sales Transformation

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B2B sales has not changed in over 130 years. Yet, many sales leaders seem unaware of the rapidly changing nature of buyer behaviour.

Vendors are so focused on short term revenue results, and how they line up against their competitors, that they are unwittingly failing the first major test of business – understanding market trends and customer requirements.

If buyers change how they buy, then sellers must also change how they sell. Change is no longer coming – it’s here, and Sales Transformation is the only answer.

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Product Description

This book has one purpose: to create a point in time snapshot of all known factors currently impacting vendor sales teams.

The research and analysis conducted shines a light on a period of massive upheaval and change that now characterizes the current global outlook for technology vendors. Vendors must now be willing to break with tradition and make some important changes that begin to address the new buying journey, and this book explains how.


Transform Sales provides insight into current buyer behaviour, evolving customer requirements and the factors that ultimately drive buyer behaviour. The research contained herein is highly relevant, and vitally important to almost every established vendor of technology products and services.

This book is for executives in medium to large B2B organizations, particularly those with a distributed sales force:

  • CEOs who wish to protect financial results and ensure customer requirements are being met.
  • Sales & Marketing executives who wish to understand latest trends, customer requirements and the key external factors that are now driving business.
  • Sales Directors and sales team leaders that would like to improve sales productivity, conversion rates and reduce sales cycle times.
  • Channel & Strategic Alliance Managers that seek the optimal route to market and coverage models.
  • CFOs who desire increased margins, more profit and lower costs per sale.
  • Anyone who is interested in understanding some of the key challenges facing businesses today – in particular, the execution of a successful sales strategy.