The forgotten duty of a Sales Person.

    Sales people are now failing to perform a critically important component of their role: the gathering of Market Intelligence (MI). Who (within your business) is closest to your customers and target markets? Who is best positioned to identify emerging... read more

To win the sale – focus on Risk!

There is mounting evidence that ‘risk’ now plays a critical role in the new buying journey. Sales people have always been taught techniques and methodologies for selling value to their customers: “solution selling”, “consultative selling”, “value-based... read more

B2B Sales is now a Team Sport

Sales teams have never really been ‘teams’……just individuals working autonomously under the same corporate structure. The role of the professional salesperson has always been a multifaceted role requiring a diverse range of skills. For more than 125 years,... read more

A modern approach to Sales Qualifying

Simply focussing on building pipeline coverage is a mistake….’qualifying out’ is what increases helps businesses increase productivity. Since the earliest incarnations of B2B sales models (dating back to the 1880’s), sales people have been trained constantly on the... read more

Sales People are driving in the wrong direction

“IT buyers now have greater leverage than ever before” As outlined in my previous posts, the balance of power has now shifted from vendors to customers, and we are now seeing a new era where the highly sought after customers call the shots – especially at... read more